Volume 1, Issue 2

Contemporary art misunderstands its quest for novelty. The new is inherently relational. It requires a point of contrast in order to assert its claims to innovation and difference. As a consequence, nothing proves truly unattested, truly new. Novelty is the slave of history.

Art evolves much like a narrative. The uncertainties of its present remain suspended within the inevitability of its past. Though time continues to alter its aspect, art remains the union of assumption and conviction. It cannot escape these origins, and thus, cannot escape the historical tradition that has continually reconsidered them. To the chagrin of those so anxious to deride “eternal art” as the most egregious of clichés, the “new” has proven unable to displace this fundamental cause.

We would like to thank our readers, our authors, and all those who submitted work for review. This issue, we received nearly three thousand submissions from over 30 countries, and once again, we encountered many more worthy pieces than we could include within one volume. It has been a great privilege to continue in our exploration of the passions that animate contemporary writing.

Welcome back to Literary Laundry.

-The Editors