Absurdities I – IX

What is it about freedom that we love;
Is it the tragedy?


Reading Socrates through Plato’s Aristotle and
feeling at once more, though less, intelligent
while following old thoughts in a class notebook

Wondering whose thoughts were on that page
in your own hand but unfamiliar words –
Some elusive insights to be recovered quickly

Realizing that you cannot make out
the last few lines
because the notes have been eclipsed by pen

Discovering that someone has drawn a
large phallus in your philosophy notebook,
which has obscured the final words of Aristotle

Learning that the sight of a cartoon penis atop philosophy
is almost exactly like the joy
of reading Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Wishing for the first time that you could draw a small
cartoon penis in Wallace Stevens’ notebook,
then watch him fill with that same manic bliss

Realizing that you have been so caught up
imagining Wallace Stevens laughing at a penned phallus
that you have completely forgotten about Socrates

Picturing a parade of old white men slinging Reason
and manuscripts across a penile notebook history
sensing at one side – the void, at the other side – God

Imagining God loves the iconography, sneaks down
often to draw small cartoon penises
on notebook intimations of philosophy.